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X-possed fashion show

April 26, 2010
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Woof  Woof, X-possed

By Lerato Makomene

 When one gets an invite to a designer’s launch party, words like runway, exclusive designs, prominent people, networking, wining and dining with the who‘s who in the media industry comes to mind. I recently got an invite to a designer launch and I rocked up a hot outfit in anticipation of a night to remember. As a Journalist I expected out of this world media treatment, front seat row at the fashion show, my name on the chair etc, but to my surprise this particular fashion show was anything but glamorous.

 Apparently, the designer, Siyanda Goodlove Nyembe, is an amateur who is still trying to find his feet in the industry but that does not make for the horror show that he put up. He could have at least done his research on how to launch his range. Call me a “snob” or Miss know it all, but I am certain that as you read on you will see the results of my sentiments. Let’s start with the setting of the whole show: there was no runway; the models were walking on the ground barefoot in the coldest night of April. The show started an hour late, and the elderly were the first to arrive dressed like they were going to Moria followed by a bunch of girls dressed in the skimpy outfits, and I must say that was not a deal breaker. 

After hours of sitting on a plastic chair with no drinks and listening to young children blabbing about hell knows what, the show finally started. You would think that would improve my mood, but the presenter was wearing denim and pull over at a fashion show!!!! A denim and pull over, am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

 The presenter stood in the middle of the chairs which were meant to be a stage and got the crowd excited  by telling them that the show was worth the wait because it had a lot to offer like a performance by top 12 idols contestant. So I’m sitting there thinking oh ok, let’s wait and see. She then announced that the show was about to start, a few minutes later the models walked on stage dressed in rags, you could swear that they were attacked by mad wolves backstage. As they walked on stage, the elderly covered their eyes while fashionistas, Simphiwe Majola amongst others, could not believe their eyes. For a second there I thought I was dreaming, hence it took some time before I took pictures. Ok so the range is called X-possed, we get that, but shaving people’s pubic areas and arse in our faces was rather “disgusting” lack of a better word.

Meanwhile the crowd were clapping in disbelief and a performance by the so-called Beyonce’ wanna-be did not make things any better. The girl came on stage wearing leggings and a corset, and that image is sure to traumatise me for as long as I live. She was singing karaoke to naughty girl while dirty dancing, for a moment there I thought the invite said: you are cordially invited to Siyanda’s bachelor party with a female stripper.

That was by far the worst fashion show I have ever been too, did I mention that the models were dressed in rags?


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April 22, 2010
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Talk about a revolution –LEBONE SERRIE 2010
By: Siyabonga “WOLFIE” Mposula
The audience wait in anticipation of the two times National Serrie champions. As one of the solo singers, Fumani walks in, there is an absolute turmoil of whistling, clapping, screaming and awakening thinking of how high her first note will become.
She begins with an introduction explaining their performance, with a tranquil voice while taking the audience through a showcase that has never been witnessed in the history of UJ Serrie. The ladies of the Nile glamorously saunter on stage and the spectators subsequently realise their powerful presence and at that time, the viewer is well aware of the musical magnificence which is about to emerge.

The group consists of 13 girls with voices astonishing enough to stop the ears and make room for the heart to listen. They are the Revolutionary Tea Ladies Society of whom without a cup and saucer, the audience sip out their tastefully fresh musical tea as they pour more sugar from song to song. The performance opens with a medley by well known singing divas, Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan. One of the songs, I’m every woman takes you back to a time not so vivid in the mind as the other, Million Dollar Bill gives you a reminder of the here and now of the performance.

The stage is semi- empty of props and designs, except the overwhelming artistic decor not seen but heard from the music by these girls. There is a smooth transition from song to song including the interlinking dialogue which serves as an intermission to store this inexplicable flair in one’s pocket of one’s skin. And the song selection is magnificent with an eloquent and captivating delivery.

In the midst of it all, is the combination of a Zulu and Afrikaans songs which one may relate as hidden symbolism of our current political stand and a call for the entire UJ nation to listen and not be moved by status, ethnicity and most certainly skin colour.
The Serrie competition has regularly been intended to be more than just a combination of songs and singing without technical back up and Lebone has proven the value and artistic splendour that can be created by this festival. Undiscovered, raw and unidentified talent is realised from this competition and the Lebone girls have escalated that rawness into something more than just refined but, worth showcasing to the whole nation.
Lebone’s performance is a representation of true musical power. And with their vibrant, youthful and soul hitting sounds, it is clear of the mark and impact they will make for many years to come.
It all began less than 3 years ago and it seems as if Lebone has started a new revolution for the Serrie competition.

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young chris

April 19, 2010

Breaking a mark
By Lerato Makomene

Hip hop is known to be every young man’s favourite trend, the dress code, the talks and the swagger but many fail to keep up with the pressure. Xolani A.K.A Young Chris Mthunzi bets to differ, for him hip hop is a lifestyle. Born in Naturena Xolani grew up in a family full of hip pop heads, the future sure does look bright for this young man.
“I was exposed to hip pop since childhood, so I picked up the culture and values as I grew up. So ja it was an automatic choice and I don’t regret mailing it because it has made me who I am at the moment, a true hip pop head, he said proudly.”

With the popularity of hip hop amongst young people Xolani admits that he admires people like Sean Carter otherwise known as Jay-z and Pro-kid. One of the reasons I like Jay-z is because as a young kid, my brother used to listen to Jay-z a lot and I adapted his style and have looked up to him ever since then. I like Pro-kid because he is a street hip pop artist, and he has energy and I am also like that. Xolani started dancing ever since he was a kid, while growing up he performed solo in a lot of joints and people were interested in what he did. That is when he started a crew. I was inspired by the movie ‘you got served’ that is when my friends and I started a break dancing group and we performed in the streets. The crew was called k-otix, but as time went we separated until we reunited in Brixton and formed LAG (ladies and gents). This was started by me and a guy called Mbonisi A.K.A Rage-b, and it has been successful ever since then. The crew features both tertiary and high school students young Chris explained. Break-dance is a form of expression of how I feel, it complements the music that I make and who I really am…young Chris.

The crew is also working on a clothing range called tit-bit. Well I can’t reveal much but you’ll be glad to know that it is going to be a crazy label, just wait and see, he said arrogantly. To add to that I am also working on an album and JJ an underground producer will help produce the album. He added that they did not sign up with any record company to avoid ownership. The crew is free styling and keeping it low until they are strong enough to go nationwide.

So it’s their first album and a clothing label in progress, while they still break dance, and a life time of work to get everything off the ground. Only time will tell whether young Chris’ path will lead in the direction of success.

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young entrepreneurs

April 19, 2010
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Minding your own business
Up, close and personal with SA young entrepreneurs

By Lerato Makomene

Zaahid Garda and Alan Kowa founders of myGoalcast

Zaahid studied Entrepreneurial Management Alan LLB at the University of Johannesburg.

What is myGoalCast all about?
MyGoalCast is a soccer social network connecting players, fans, scouts and clubs users to interact on the latest soccer results and incidents, share videos, photos with friends and fans. It focuses on creating opportunities for the youth and gives them a platform to showcase their soccer talents.

What inspired you to start the website?
We both came with an idea that we should do something online, to give players a chance to put up videos and show their skills. We really want to make a difference in the sporting world, by creating a football community.

What makes myGoalcast unique and how will it benefit those who register?
It has special features such as: Users have an opportunity to view and publish myGoalcast blogs. The fan power section is dedicated to entertainment where an official referee gives his opinion on controversial football decisions in games; users can post their opinions in reply to questions, Stadium songs, Ask the pro- A professional will be showcased and users can post questions to the pro, Quiz- Football quizzes. The core function of the site is connecting players to clubs, and then clubs to leagues. By creating this connection, stats can be drawn up to show clubs league progress and player goal scoring, assist stats etc.

Thulani Thabethe: Founder and CEO of Promo sales, radio personality of UJFM show bring-on-the-nite and Hip-pop presenter for SowetoTV.

“Grab the bull by the horn and just do it”

Promosales is a promotion company that hires students and give them promotional work at a minimum of R300 per day. “While still in university I struggled to get a job hence I am landing a helping hand to other students. It’s an easy job and anyone can do it, all they need to do is come through to our offices which are based in Florida Glen and we train them on how to be promoters” says Thulani.

The multitalented Thulani was born in Soweto and grew up in the Eastrand is not only the founder of promo sales, but he is also the personality behind UJFM show Bring-on-the-nite and a hip-hop presenter for Soweto TV.

Even though being and entrepreneur at his age is not easy, Thulani believes that having guts and believing in oneself when others don’t is the key to success.

“My advice to young people who want to walk a mile in my shoes is that they must work hard to make their dreams come true and most importantly seek sound financial advice and make use of the opportunities they have. When people say no they encourage me to do more”, adds Thulani.

Aubrey Marema, CEO Blue Cube media.
“Success is measured by battles won.”
Aubrey is a bright young media mogul; who studied Entrepreneurship at Branson School of Entrepreneurship. He is the CEO of online media and publisher which started early in 2007. “My inspiration came from the ongoing demand of online journalism” says Aubrey.
Although being a young entrepreneur comes with a lot of sacrifices like not spending time with his family, this did not stop him from achieving his dreams. “The highlight of my career was when I got an opportunity to meet and share moments with Sir Richard Branson,” says Aubrey.
“Personally I don’t think challenges should stop your plans, I simply re plan and put more focus in achieving whatever goal set”. Aubrey reckons that there is no formula for success, either you have it or you don’t.

Precious Kofi, co-founder and producer of Kofi productions.

“It’s all about seeking knowledge and recognizing opportunities.”

Famous for her amazing show Keeping it real Precious Kofi is an eternal optimist and cofounder of Kofi Productions, which is a television production company. The company started early last year and their first project was Precious Africa.
“We felt that there wasn’t enough Africa on South African TV screens, we believe in the power of TV and its ability to both educate and entertain our nation. So far I don’t feel as if I’ve sacrificed anything, this is my life and I’m living it the best way I know how.”
Precious says “We’ve been blessed enough to survive the times when the South African TV industry was undergoing some major struggles. During that period Kofi Productions focused on solutions rather than getting lost in the problem. What we learnt was that in business you need to be flexible without selling out on your dream.”

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S.A Fashion week

April 19, 2010
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SA fashion week 2010, not so glam after all.

By Lerato Makomene

Glitz and glamour, prominent Celebs and high fashion, are words associated with fashion week, but this year’s S.A fashion week was such a bore. The event took place from the 24-27 of March 2010 at the Turbine hall in Newtown where designers from all over Mzansi showcased their talent. The night did not meet peoples expectations as it was dry, started late and did not attract enough media. Designers like Rubicon, Darkie, Mantsho, Ethymol, Diamond Face Couture, to mention just a few were there to showcase their designs. The disappointing part about the designs was that they lacked diversity; watching one show to the next was like watching the South African version of survivor, repetition of the same range under a different name.

However, the event saw a surprising twist when popular designer Sylvester Falata and Uyanda Mbuli had a standing innovation with their superb ranges. It was refreshing to see something new for a change, or was it the models people were cheering for?  Amongst those who attended the event were, Generations star Katlego Danke, Metro FM presenter Penny Lebyane, Zizo Beda, hip hop star Proverb and Channel O presenter Nonhle Thema. Models Joelle Kayembe and Babalwa Mneno were on the runway for DFC. After all is said and done, Sylvester Falata stole the night with his male range, this young man made it worthwhile for people who saved the date for fashion week. You know what they say: save the best for last.

Aint no party like a DFC party

By Lerato Makomene


What would fashion week be without an after party right, well Uyanda Mbuli and husband Sisa Mbuli had it all planned out when she invited DFC supporters in Rivonia news café to celebrate her new collection. The new range showcased glamorous swimwear and dresses with hats to complement her style. What made her range unique was Uyanda’s style and good taste; she also drew the crowd by having well known models Babalwa Mneno and Joelle Kayambe, to showcase her collection. DFC after party rocked Rivonia when hip pop artist Proverb performed some of his songs. Nonhle Thema and Zizo Beda are some of the celebrities who came to support the queen of glam.

Tuks Senganga models for Thunderstorm

Well known for his breathtaking Tswana lyrics, Tuks Senganga showed that he is a man of many talents at S.A fashion week when he walked the runway for Thunderstorm at Turbine hall in Johannesburg Newtown. Lerato Makomene had a one-one-one with Mzansi’s hip pop artist.

How were you involved in the fashion week?

I was there to launch my new track and also to branch and affiliate with a brand like Thunderstorm.

What brought the idea up?

My PR manager came up with an idea that it would be shock therapy for me to do something different, something that I have never done before. It is not wise for me to be confined to just one genre; I can still do so many things out there besides singing.

Q: How did the audience respond to your new track?

A: I played the stimela song which had the crowd mumbling because it took them back to memory lane. It was sort of a reflection of where we came from to where we are now.

Q:  You modelled for Thunderstorm how was the experience for you?

A: Thunderstorm for me had the best range. It was fun, fresh and loose track; I would definitely wear their clothes.

Q: Which other designers were appealing to you?

A: DFC was beautiful, I liked the silky material, I wouldn’t mind if my partner were to wear Uyanda Mbuli’s range.

Q: Do you plan to get involved in such events in the near future?

A: Yes it was dope and I hope to do this again sometime, I believe that artist should get more involved in such events. I have been in the industry for six years and it was my first time at fashion week where I was invited as a model, I learned that there is more to fashion than walking down the runway.

Q: Thoughts on the world cup….

A: We should let it slide and show the world what we all about.

Q: Ends note…

A: The world should be on the lookout for my new proudly South African album Tshwarelo, which will take them by storm.

Hello world!

April 19, 2010
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